Making the economy work for more people is a key focus for JPMorgan Chase. As part of that mission we launched Advancing Black Pathways—an initiative that builds on our existing efforts to help black people chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment.


Increase access to well-paying career paths and support black executives.

JPMorgan Chase is committed to diversity and creating a culture where all employees are treated fairly, with respect, and have access to career opportunities. We will build on the success of our internal Advancing Black Leaders strategy to expand the firm’s recruitment of black Americans while also promoting leadership excellence and retention. Additionally, we will also expand our Director Advisory Service to help develop and recommend more black executives for our clients’ Boards of Directors.


Our ABP Career Readiness Series shares tangible insights from senior leaders to help students and young professionals navigate life after college and establish successful careers.



Career Readiness Series

You did it—you graduated! You visualized your goal and you made it happen, even in a pandemic. As you plan your next success, Advancing Black Pathways’ Career Readiness Series is packed with career and financial guidance just for you and your fellow grads.

Starting June 23rd, we’ll release a new video every other Tuesday at 2pm ET on our JPMorgan Chase LinkedIn page. Check out the series below.




Explore your next move with our Career Readiness video series.

We’ll release new videos on our LinkedIn page, but you’ll be able to watch replays and find even more opportunities with JPMorgan Chase right here. RSVP today to get reminders when we post new videos. 


Building Your Career in Transformative Times

When COVID-19 hit, employers reinvented office jobs for the virtual world—and the ability to adjust is critical. Learn how to shine on-screen during Zoom interviews, structure a balanced workday at home, and make valuable connections with professional contacts without leaving your living room.

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Exploring a Career in Operations

When customers have questions, they rely on operations employees to help them get answers. In the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re more important now than ever. Learn the skills necessary to thrive in a fulfilling career that’s rooted in helping and supporting people. 

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Post-College Financial Health

It may not seem like it, but right now is the best time to start building your wealth—the earlier, the better. Our panel of experts will help you learn how to build your credit, set savings goals and create a realistic budget so you can save money and still have the freedom to spend on the things you enjoy.

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Exploring a Career in Banking

Exploring a Career in Banking: How to love your work as a banker: Create customer relationships, manage numbers and drive success in your community. Join Sekou Kaalund and Gerrod Parchmon to learn about the culture of consumer banking and its future in a post-pandemic world.

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Tips for Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

You’ve heard the advice—it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile. Build yours strategically with expert advice on everything from how often you should post to the best way to approach a contact. Join us for tips on how to make the job market’s favorite platform work for you.

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Exploring a Career as a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are more in demand than many other industry careers—but what does it take to succeed as one? Learn more about this and how you could use your expertise to help close the racial wealth gap. Join Sekou Kaalund and special guest to get real perspective on a rising career path as a Financial Advisor."

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We want to help more black students and professionals grow their careers, develop job skills and expand access to well-paying careers. 

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We want to help more black students and professionals grow their careers, develop job skills and expand access to well-paying careers.

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