Making the economy work for more people is a key focus for JPMorgan Chase. As part of that mission we launched Advancing Black Pathways—an initiative that builds on our existing efforts to help the black community chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment.


Help the black community realize their dreams through wealth building opportunities like homeownership, increased savings and investments, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a financial institution with unique insight into helping families build assets, Advancing Black Pathways is launching a dedicated program to strengthen the financial wellness of black families, expand access to capital for black-owned small businesses, and support black homeownership. We will expand the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund; provide home lending down payment assistance programs, housing counseling and homeownership grants; and increase access to financial health and wellness tools.



Pathways to Wealth



Support entrepreneurs
with expanded access to
capital and business resources

Financial Wellness

Improve financial health,
helping people save, spend,
borrow and plan for their goals


Increase access
to homeownership
as a vehicle to build wealth 

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We want to help more of the black community realize their dreams through homeownership, increased savings and investments, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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